SIP Trunking and PRI

Modern day methods of delivering voice traffic

What are SIP Trunks and PRI?

"Session Initiation Protocol" otherwise known as SIP, is the technology used for establishing a voice communication session to the Internet. In a nutshell it is how your on premise phone system makes calls.

PRI is simply a method of "plugging" your phone system in. Many newer systems support direct SIP connections, but almost all older ones have a PRI that lets us hook you up to our system. 

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Why do I care?

Same service, better price. By delivering phone service over your existing internet, you'll save money while upgrading the methods in which voice traffic is delivered. US and Canadian long distance are included with our service, so you won't have to worry about unpredictable phone bills. We can also instantly point any number to your phone system, not just local numbers - out of state too!


Supported (and tested) Phone Systems

We support many PBXs via their SIP Modules, and provide PRIs to older PBXs using ATAs such as an Adtran or Cisco SPA8000. If you have multiple PBXs you can manage your individual PBXs through our portal.

Some of our Top Manufacturers

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