A Software company redefining the telecom industry.

We believe in using software for solving problems and simplifying what used to be complex and take hours on the phone with a carrier.  Throughout our history, we have constantly moved toward this goal with a single purpose. 

February 2007

It's the dawn of the business VoIP revolution and Brandon Bazemore and Pramod Venugopal start to put together the first production phone system based on Asterisk.  The system runs on a small rack-mounted 1U server about the size of a pizza box, and uses an adapter to integrate with a standard T1/PRI.  This reduces the complexity and cost of the normal phone system by over 60% and allows for the use of standard SIP phones.

June 2008

Utilizing a standard SIP only trunk, we are able to eliminate the traditional carrier T1/PRI which allows us to easily setup new phone systems without long delays and with a reduction of cost that includes flat long distance fees.

August 2010

The first installation of a multi state phone system for a large financial company necessitates a move to the "cloud" from the familiar server installed in the closet.  With the advent of higher speed internet, we are now able to leverage the stability and speed to reduce what was once a multi-site fragmented system into a very streamlined and centralized system.

October 2013

Janae Smith joins the company and we incorporate as "Persephone", with a new focus on hosted telecom and becoming the leader in SERVICE based telecommunications.  Our goal is to redefine the normally contentious relationship between client and company by providing the best customer service in the industry.

January 2014

Brett Alston joins the company and brings a long history and track record of high growth in the technology industry.  We further refine the focus on service adding speed and simplicity as core tenants.

May 2014

We open our new Headquarters in Kirkland, Washington that doubles our square footage and gives us a centralized location to grow and expand.

September 2014

Our favorite intern Richard who is studying at the prestigous Foster School of Business joins the team. He does great work and earns himself a spot on our timeline.

December 2014

The addition of VP of Business Development Jeff Wahl contributes to a record year for Audian, with year over year growth at 430%.

May 2015

As market share grows and our product mix expands, we rebrand as Audian. Along with the rebranding comes a new website, marketing materials and focus on training and support of our telecom and IT Partners.

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August 2015

Audian announces a brand new portal and phone system for use by clients. The new portal allows for simple and easy drag and drop style management of the phone system that drastically increases the ease of use by businesses.


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January 2016

Audian continues to mature into a stronger presence headed by VP of Business Development, Jeff Wahl and CEO, Brandon Bazemore with year over year growth at 393%.

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February 2016

Audian announces a partnership with Bigleaf networks, going above and beyond the industry standard by mitigating the main risks of VoIP by dealing with the source, ensuring a flawless internet connectivity and management experience.


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