Welcoming IT Services Manager Jeremy King to Audian

September 26th, 2017

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We're excited to announce Jeremy King, IT Services Manager, recently joined our team. Jeremy comes to Audian with an impressive background working as a Senior IT Field Manager directly supporting the Office of Microsoft's CEO, Satya Nadella. We had a  chance to sit down with Jeremy to get his first impression and share more about the future and his role with us. 


What drew you to Audian? Tell us a bit more about why you joined a telecom/software startup after your roles at much larger organizations?


I was looking for a team of people with a unified vision who like to have fun while helping customers succeed. Audian seemed like the perfect place for all of those. Quickly I saw that starting from the co-founders down to my new teammates, the ability to problem solve and simplify a complex industry is impressive, and their foundation of generosity is something I wanted to be part of.


What from your past roles can you apply to support Audian’s products and approach to the telecom industry?


I am certified in hardware repair, very experienced with numerous Microsoft offerings, have experience in a large Helpdesk, and am also ITIL certified.  As you can imagine, supporting the Office of the CEO at Microsoft was an intense position, but one I thrived in and can bring that sense of urgency and precision to my new role. All of this knowledge and experience allows me to help to continue developing Audian’s customer support model to a world-class standard.


Your latest role at Microsoft seems like a combination of IT expertise, but also high-level customer service – how do those skills transfer over to your work at Audian?


Very easily, actually.  At Microsoft, I was assisting the senior leadership of the company. When applied to the business world, it doesn’t even need any translation.  In a small business, everybody is a senior leader.


Tell us a bit about the Audian team – what’s the work environment like?


We have a great team – focused, and yet fun to work with. With a mentality set in place by our co-founders Brandon & Janae, the team approaches every task with a can-do attitude, and a drive for success.


What is the biggest challenge working you’ve found working in the telecom industry so far?


I am not as familiar with the VoIP side of the business, so I’ve been enjoying buffing up on phone related IT support. I look forward to learning and growing in this area of expertise, and that opportunity is what helped draw me to this role at Audian.


What is the biggest opportunity for your role?


Joining Audian at a time of substantial growth and market penetration is exciting as we have the chance to design the support model and processes that can take it into the next decade. I see a big future with Audian, and my goal is to help Audian become the IT provider of choice for SMBs across the country.


What do Audian’s co-founders think about Jeremy’s addition to their growing team?

“The best way I can describe Jeremy is ‘supremely competent’ and whether he is working on a project within his realm of expertise, or on something completely new, he leaves no doubt of his ability to figure it out and get the job done,” said Brandon Bazemore, CEO.  “This competence also translates extremely well into leadership as each of his peers at Audian have absolute confidence in Jeremy inspiring a high level of trust right off the bat.  Love having Jeremy on the team!”


“Jeremy has brought a fresh perspective and high level of expertise to our team, already helping to further streamline our process and procedures,” said COO Janae Smith. “He will be an integral piece to driving our business to the next level.”



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