Audian International Calling

Audian offers International Calling on all plans on request (See Terms for full details).  To have International Calling added, please give us a ring at 611 or 844.611.6110 x2 or simply email us at  There are over 17,000 individual rates around the world, so to quickly allow you to see the rate for the area you are interested in, we have created an Excel file that allows you to search.  Most countries (unlike the US) have a different rate depending on whether you are calling a mobile or landline carrier. The prefix is listed so that you can quickly see and match the rate.

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1. Download Rates HERE (Excel File)

2. Enable Editing if Excel opens in protected mode

3. Click on the button to the right of Search Here ->

4. Select the Search box and Type in the country of interest

5. Hit Enter or OK to view the filtered list

Most Countries will have multiple Area's of calling with different rates associated.  You will be able to see the cost per minute listed for each Area, and can also search by Area if you know the number you are trying to call to view the rate.

**Rates are subject to change and will be updated periodically to the Audian Website