Our Job Offers

Join a great team!  Well, we think so at least...

Based in the Pacific Northwest (Kirkland, WA to be exact), we are a group of people committed to bringing the "Service" back to Phone Services by adding top-tier customer service to our amazing hosted telecom platform.

Our Mission

Audian exists to serve our customers with innovative telephony solutions while providing additional customer service with related and value add services.

Our Expectations

  1. Our clients are our number one focus and priority.  
  2. We believe in working hard. 
  3. We don't tolerate poor attitudes or team members who aren't willing to go above and beyond for our clients.  
  4. We are a family and look out for eachother.  
  5. Accountability should be automatic, not managed.
  6. Bring your opinions to the table, and fight for what you believe is the right thing to do.
  7. Learning is the best way to find the answers you need.  Don't rely on others to do the work for you.
  8. A Message to Garcia.  Great book...
  9. This line left intentionally blank...we would love to hear your ideas.

Our Open Positions